Have ANY of your Worries Ever Helped You?

Do you constantly worry about the future? The future will NEVER turn out the way you believe.  Everything will become dust eventually, so why worry?!

It is only your beliefs that create your false future. That is how powerful you are. Isn’t your imagination better spent on the present?

You worry about people.  You worry about how events were perceived by others in the past.  Your worry paralyzes you NOW… about a false future, about an annihilated past. Do you not see the stupidity of this? the worthlessness?

Your worry about someone or something now affects that someone or something not at all.  It only affects you negatively.

A brainwash – created self projects worry inside of you. Your mind is the only place that your worry affects. This is the only place it exists.  It has only negative effects within and without.

When you spread your worry, it is a contamination, a plague. What are we to do? Our internal worry destroys us. Spreading worry is a contagious disease.

I ask you to internally look at your worries.  When are they, future or past?  Shine your inner focus on it and let them all fade away.

As more of us burn away our worthless worries, an ease in the present gently consumes us. We become much more effective in the present.  Worry only hindered and divided.

This is how we heal the future. This is how we move forward: easily focused and without our inner false worries.

Our worries are taught to us.  Unlearn them, let them die, and free your energy into herenow.

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