Words: the Great Device of Enslavement and Suffering

These messages are short because words are cheap.  The fingers move on the keyboard and this shit spews forth. There is too much seriousness placed on the noises we make!

I’ll take the comedian over the lecturer when stranded on a deserted island. At least a few smiles and laughs would be had.

Why naught play with whirreds?

Why not laugh and entertain rather than burden others with our fabricated opinions?  Your opinions constantly change over time, so let them hold less sway over your mind.

It hardly matters what we say. Show me what you do!  At the least be a teacher over a propagandist.  What you take deeply seriously within you is your own propaganda.

Freedom lies in action, not in our invented confusions. Thoughts are composed of self torturing words. The base unit of your hatreds are letters.  The masters point towards stillness and silence within as the ultimate.  The silence is playful and easy, allowing us to act easier.

The words of politicians, how serious and solemn!  Their actions are genocide, war, slavery, and theft for more power and money.  Their somberness is a plague on humanity.

The playful ones are gardeners, healers, and artists, connecting souls together, not rending them apart in physical divisions and violence.

Our internal self divisions are all categories and labels of words. The controllers know this. They are word controllers and nothing else. Look how serious you are with your identifications!  Laugh at your beliefs and obsessions a bit!  It won’t hurt you.  It might help.

Your self labels are not yours. You only believe they are.  You were taught them, aka brainwashed, by those around you and the mass media.  At best, any heated debate is masturbation by those involved.  Look how serious they are in defending their opinions, these masterdebaters!  I see only slaves whipping their chains at one another.

An internal debate of one person against itself is a paralyzing process.  Sit and think deeply and suffer!  Will you argue with yourself for days, or weeks this time?  Will you fall deeper into your own abyss of seriousness?  Consider that you can be still and lightweight inside.

Debate, a great waste of time that could be spent picking up trash, volunteering, or gardening our homeworld.  At least argue and debate while you do something worthwhile for the world.

A quiet mind is limited in words and thoughts.  They come and go easily.  Strong beliefs seem far away for me now.  An easiness rolls in to replace the serious, word based, heaviness.

Pure freedom from words can be attained.  It’s a release.  I allow them to melt away, though never again letting their spear of seriousness pierce my skull.  Openness and vitality rush in to repair the serious phrase hole damage in my mind.

I apologize for any seriousness in this post!

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