Terraformer Website Case Study 1 – Initial Brainstorm Video

This is the first video in my case study about making a free website or blog.  About all I have decided so far is that it will be about terraforming the Earth and bodies in space.

Beginning Plans for My Terraformer Site

The great thing about this case study is you will see how much something evolves down different paths.  I have some sci-fi stories written about this topic and want to share them.  It’s always seemed like a logical next step for us to heal the planet and spread life out into our solar system.

Hopefully, I can get some discussion going on about terraforming and improving the Earth’s environment.  We need a course change in society where we place the planet above material goods and false wealth.

A big aim of this project will be an introduction to blogging, SEO, and webmaster topics.  I will keep up with screen capture videos and will be using WordPress.com for the free site.

I use Google Drive to organize my projects since they are easy to use, automatically save, and the files can easily be shared with other people.

My next video will be choosing a name for the project and a little bit about branding.

Up the Green Path

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