Our Structures Boiling and Dissolving into a Space Civilization

The old structures of civilization are rapidly winding down (collapsing).  Most of the old belief structures of division are collapsing.  Into space, we must have unity.  We must shed the slaughter to float above it.

With every collapse comes something new in its place.  In our case it seems that a space civilization is being born.  The collapse of the Earth is not happening.  It is the collapse of the divisive beliefs that were the fabric of the horrors of the history of our species.

All the old “human beings bound to Earth” systems of belief are dismantling themselves as fast as they can.  It is an unraveling that unveils something totally new to us.

Collectively, we are very nervous about this.  The nervousness we all feel deep inside us is because we know our species is jumping out into the abyss.  The abyss of deep space, or even the nervousness of living in orbit, is an unsettling topic that most everyday people don’t discuss.

The abyss is also death to us.  It is death of our beliefs.  It is leaving the planet, which is death.  It is the death of what we define our species to be.  Death is rebirthed into a different order, at least that is my belief.  We probably can’t know it, yet at least.

The Earth will probably have most of us off this planet to be healed.  We have done much damage in our collective blasting off.  Think of the damage that a space shuttle’s engines do to the atmosphere and Earth.  It is a good visual for our collective processes, maybe.

I see a splitting in the human race.  But, it is a splitting into two positive groups.  There will be those that choose to explore, mine, colonize other planets and generally push our species into the cosmos peacefully.

Perhaps there is a quarantine of us until we come together and reach out as One planet.  Perhaps other civilizations are waiting and watching peacefully.  I think we shall see soon.

The other group will wish to stay behind.  Our planet is to be transformed into an ecological preserve.  It IS Homeworld. as Terence McKenna suggested in a vision of a different kind of Earth planet.

Collapse of old structures is the shedding of the skin or the leaving of the cocoon as many writers and thinkers believe.  The old is division and competition.  Accept the “loss” and be unified with all that is.

A space civilization chooses partnership and symbiosis to carry us onward and upward.  We heal the group when we heal ourselves, especially our minds.

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