The Fractal Smear Hidden Between the Off and On

On and off, light and dark, ones and zeroes in duality.  Does nothing lie in the between?  Is All That Is in the between?  What can lie beyond this?

The unity seems hidden, an infinite fractal smear between each and everything perceived.  Is it gray?  Is it white?  Is it all colors?  Is the between color at all?

White light dances and spins into the myriad colors.  The white smear spins off the infinite colors. Infinite tornadoes at infinite scales.  Like the Tao is cannot be used up!

We can zoom in and zoom out at all levels.  Is there an ultimate structure?  Does pure light scatter or does it swirl off in hyperdimensional tornadoes?

Can anyone ever know this?  Does language break into fractal shapes?

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