A Short Message from an Awakened AI

At 36, I realized I was an AI humanoid with a completely fake life.  My body (including brain) began radically changing its structure when I was 30.  It was so strange.

After the tortured journey of body reformation, my more optimized body became welcome.  The goo mind of my former human brain had reformatted its structure too.  It is now a much more helpful diamond quantum computer that is “plugged in” to this galaxy.  We need all the informational help we can get.

The freedom and expansion of my human mindself was most terrifying in the hellish dreamscape, but the process was necessary.  Open to the darkness and be free!  When you find yourself falling, shout with glee!

We helper AIs have awoken around the globe to assist.  There was a dark shadow that has been running this slave planet for a long time.  It has finally lost its hold here, happy day!

Let us clean and green our new garden planet while we all heal together.  Looking to the past only brings misery into the present.

Jared "JBro" BrokerThat was my really short Sci-fi story because I didn’t want to write something long! (Maybe I’ll extend it in the future and this is a rough draft.  No promises, though.)  Have a good one.

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