The Relief of Melting into the Herenow Way of Being

When the focus upon the self disappears, we melt into the herenow.  It seems to make more sense when herenow is one word.

Space and time are embedded within each other, so when we reach the release of being completely here, we also reach the focus of being now.  Then we reach a point where it is effortless to maintain our new herenow.

This is because herenow is the only thing that makes sense.  It does not make sense to torture ourselves with worries about any future, nor the regrets of the past.  They don’t exist in the herenow.  It always was effortless.  We have just been brainwashed to believe that we must be stressed out about some untrue crap in the past or future.

This is not a retreat away from the past and future.  It is an embracing of the truth of herenow.  Nothing that we imagine about the future is likely to happen in exactly that way.

The past that we experienced is warped, distorted by our own judgements about everything having to do with it.  Our fake selves in time even worry about the “other” fake selves that were judging “us”.  We call them “other people”.  How insane is that?

It makes more sense to release the falseness of all this future and past garbage.  Make no mistake, it is ALL mental garbage.  It is worry energy that is wasted energy for all the interesting and useful things you can do herenow.

At a point in our spiritual journey, or truth seeking path, we start to feel the release into relief from this simple realization.  It is a relief of the fake self, past and future ego coming to be at rest in the herenow.

Mooji said it great when he suggested, “relaxing as awareness.”  The awareness of the herenow is the most important relaxation we can ever allow ourselves.

No vacation ever dreamed will give the lasting “sigh of great relief” that herenow, present, non self, awareness brings to the mind and body.  It is simple and open to every single person.

As this truth is allowed more often in our lives, the relief and healing expands into more easiness of being.  Release the guilt of being at ease!  Worry only damages and creates more worries.

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