The Herenow Present is a Present we Allow Ourselves

I ask you to do something different with these words here.  Don’t consume them, eager to be onto the next thing.  Be with them.  It’s a short post!  Be fully here with them as you read them.  Is this difficult?  Do you reject your own presence at a deep level within you and automatically?

Have you been trained by society to not be here?  To not be content?  To not be now?  Does it serve your own good to be obsessing about what is not here and now?

We have been shown infinite ways to not be present.  Don’t allow it.  You deserve to be peacefully here.  The most true thing is that you have always been present in the time and space that you were in at the time!

Time and space are one.  You are able to not be present in space.  You are able to not be present in time.  When you are obsessing about another location right now, you are smearing yourself across the surface of the world.  You have smeared your energy.  You have fractured your full you.  I beg, “come back to the here at all times.”

Do you focus on the negative things you have done in the past?  Are you worried about something (or everything) in the future?  Are you doing both of these at the same time?  Are you oscillating between future you and past you, skipping over herenow you faster than light speed, not even catching a blink of you now?

To be focused outside of the now is to splatter yourself across the solar system, across the galaxy like roadkill.  The planet corkscrews after our star as we all hurtle throughout the galaxy.  To be focused on the future is to be focused out there where the Earth will be among the stars.  Why do this?

A focus on the past places you, time traveler, where the Earth has been.  That’s a weird thing for you to do!  Come back to our space station and be herenow with us.  Peace and your full energy resides here.  Space is cold, the planet warms and nourishes you where you stand.  You don’t deserve to be a smear!

Pastel Ocean Sunset

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  1. One of your best posts Jared! To be fully in the present is to be in the unified field where all things are possible. Great visuals! “Smearing” our energy when obsessing about other places.

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