Staying “Up” – From Between 2D and 3D, Our Species Swirls Towards 4D?

2D and 3D Pretend Time! I’m going to pretend there is a two dimensional fluid surface with a swirl started in it.  The swirl immediately spawns smaller swirling, vortex “off shoots” along its edges.  Those swirls create more and they are all interacting with the first one as its ancestor.…

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The Dark Chaos of the Soil, Woven Calm in the Light

A mushroom looks peaceful and ordered as it grows, then breaks apart and withers away.  Its real body, though, is in chaos.  In the soil, the mushroom body is a dense web, though one cell thick. This mycelial web is competing with ten thousand other microorganisms within a cubic centimeter.  This…

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The Fractal, Geometric, Holographic Universe Ideas: My Favorite Sites

Nassim Haramein sometimes calls it the holofractal nature of reality.  You have to check out the book by the late Michael Talbot named The Holographic Universe, too.  It’s a great read. Before I ramble about this stuff at the bottom, here is a list of… Sites to Learn about Holographic…

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