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(An empty self is a being that functions best, strangely enough.)

The strongly believe sense of self is full and heavy. It is a dense cargo of things that don’t truly apply to it. The plethora of aspects of your self weigh down and hinder.  Watch out!  Your ship is taking on water.

A strong personality full of heavy traits is drowning itself. Cut your ship into more pieces and sink further. Heap more needs and desires on yourself to sink faster.  It’s a ship, not a submarine, dammit!  A madman splits his time between loading more cargo and chopping apart his boat.

Useful actions are impossible under the mountain of water. Quickly, it is suggested to release the heavy cargo.  No, it is too late for the ship!  The heavy, false self must be scuttled.

Your dense ship carries a most precious cargo, though. It is an air filled basketball. Find it quickly and abandon!  The deeper it sinks, the stronger the ball demands the surface.

You are no Captain. No need to sink with this ship of self imposed burdens. Hug your empty basketball with all your might. It will be a dramatic ride to the surface.

The ball saves you because it is empty.  This is your hero.  Break through with a joyful gasp of breath.  Thank the basketball and let it be free as well.  You are both buoyant now.

The traps with which we imprison ourselves have two names: regret and dread.  Regretting something in the past (which doesn’t exist anymore) and dread about something in the future (which is not going to happen the way you think) are the two diseases of most of our minds.  A focus on this fleeting time thing doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Realization and release of this “out of time” trap can be a difficult process to relax into at first.  For me at least, at first it was very difficult to maintain focus on the present moment.  I’ve always been so obsessed with future events, neglecting the herenow.  It took me a couple of years before this became easier until now it is effortless to maintain a herenow focus.

Focus might be the wrong word as it implies a work of striving to maintain.  That’s not it.  This herenow focus is really an easy observation and gentle interaction with everyone and everything that is arising around us.

Every type of cultural brainwashing we are subjected to from birth demands that we worry about where we are not and when we are not.  In the future you must “make up” for your past, disregarding the now.  Is this not insanity?

It gets easier, trust me.  Allow yourself to not struggle in time.  It is one of the most humane and reasonable things you can release for yourself.  Only herenow exists.  The herenow always exists, so allow yourself to be as your are inside of it.  Don’t take it seriously.  Take it easy!

When you are torturing yourself in obsessive thoughts about the past and future, you are at war with yourself.  Everything in the past is gone and the future is a question mark.  How can this not be true?

When we allow these fractured, false selves to arise within us, the result is constant, internal war. The war between the “good” us and the “bad” us rages when we reject our darkness is another way of looking at this.

This is absurd because you have always been a unified whole.  It is simply your false beliefs that create these two (and many more) warring factions that you ARE NOT.

This is exactly how war propaganda works, too.  An enemy is falsely created that must be attacked, though there really is no threat to fear.

You are not good.  You are not bad.  Your internal fighting is based on lies and deception, just like all wars in history.  It has arisen from systematic brainwashing, propaganda, and abuse throughout our lives.  Most of us don’t even realize it has happened.  This is one of the first steps to healing though.

Your internal war weakens you and only serves those that wish to control you, again, exactly like the wars of our blood soaked past.  These controllers always divide and conquer.  It starts with the directed division within each person THAT IS TAUGHT.  It arises from allowing yourself to divide up others too.

In reality, we are ALL of these aspects within our personalities, to be rejected at our own perile. How could this not be so?  In this internal war, our light self judges our dark self. Our dark self rages against our light self.  These two cannot exist without the other.

In every moment, the asleep person is creating right and wrong, correct and unacceptable parts of a fractured self.  Gazing out from this state creates a fractured and divided world and Universe.  Only divisions of people are seen from this chaos within.  I challenge you to find the glaring similarities.

Can you transcend your internal war by diving into a kind of calmly blended inner realm where light and dark have no meaning?  Gazing out from here is the way to a peaceful world with united people.

Light and dark, good and bad are merely English words, sounds we make.  Your internal ceasefire is a complete acceptance of your true internal wholeness.  Blessed are the peace makers, within and without.

Blended ;Sunset Sky

When we assume we are a “person self” with an endless list of imposed labels, beliefs, and categories, there instantly comes a harsh judging of one’s self.  All of this is completely false and only exists in the self person’s mind.

When you believe in your false self, the false self comes into existence, but ONLY in your mind.  And ONLY because your awareness is allowed to believe it.  Do we stop to think about WHAT is allowing this?

“I am this religion.”  Instantly this portion of false self must adhere to a certain set of rules and judge all other false selves who are not “my” religion.  “I have this political leaning.”  Instantly this new, false, politicized self has a brand new set of worthless concerns to align itself with.  Instantly, it hates its non existent political opponents whom believe are opponents.

“I believe I am (whatever) type of person.”  “I’ve been told over and again I am (whatever) type of person.”  Instantly I must align and conform with how “everyone else” sees “me”.  It is all false and exists only in our minds.  How many ways can we find to torture our own lives?

Relax and lighten up, maybe.  The false self wants to be heavy, combative, and miserable.  It demands to be a wet blanket on top of your pure awareness.  The heaviness is not real, except in the false beliefs of your mind.

The combativeness arises only in the fakeness of “your” non unity.  Allow a light easiness of melting beliefs.  You are grasping to your self torture!  Ask, “do these things ONLY exist in “MY” mind?”  Gently look at it.  Watch for the combativeness to arise and keep watching it.  Does our darkness and shadow aspects reside here?  They can melt and heal at the same time.

Belief systems exist ONLY in human minds.  Countries exist ONLY in human minds.  Astronauts see no divisions around the planet.  Every category of every type of person in every language ONLY exists in the minds of people.  Why do we take divisions so seriously and similarities take a back seat?

Release this noise to help heal humanity through your own being.  It takes practice and courage.  At first, it is a harsh, possibly terrifying dive inside to dark realms we have not been aware of.  A lightness in unity arises when this is understood and accepted fully.  Give it a try, but it can take some time.  For “me” to realize and release this falseness has taken about six years.

This process is not an understanding of an idea.  It is a release of falseness after examining it with your awareness within your false self and its unending list of imposed labels and categories.

Please allow yourself to entertain the notion that this false you has been brought into being through sophisticated brainwashing and propaganda.  We had no defense against this as babies and kids.  That is the only reason it exists.  It is not truth.  Freedom, peace, and ease of being might be down this route of gentle self questioning.

If the gentleness becomes judged too harshly, look at your mind self more harshly, then.  It can become a dance of looking within.  Dreams of my shadow aspect exploded in number during this process.  Your dreams must be studied for meaning that only you can realize.

Do difficulties arise because groups of people believe they are a certain type of person, nationality or belief system?  Fuck yes.  These false things that only exist in groups of human minds lead to war, genocide, torture, rape, murder, hatreds, and the ability to allow every type of atrocity.

Harshness of being arises only FROM this mad false self.

Town from Hill

How many ways can we divide ourselves and ourselves from those around us?  Infinitely, is the answer.  The two are directly related.  Why do you continue cutting?  The slicing equals suffering.  Your shards battle each other!

We can find endless differences to divide our own false senses of selves.  Another division, another false aspect we’ve heaped upon our truth of wholeness with all that is.  We can find infinite ways to believe that we are different from any other person.  We teach this stupidity to each other out of ignorance.

Ask yourself, “Has this been useful in the world?”  How many hundreds of millions have been killed because of our worthless, false divisions?  It doesn’t matter where the divisions have originated.  The important thing is that they are not true!

Ask yourself, “Has this been useful to me?”  Will you continue to slaughter your unified self with your never ending choppings you commit against yourself?  Slice off another piece of yourself that doesn’t exist and then believe it into existence.  Let it float around in your being, damaging everything it contacts.  Why do you continue this?  It is pointed out to you now.  YOU CAN JUST STOP.

Put the interio knife down.  Let your slices come back together.  The slices, shards, and pieces wish for this.  You are one being embedded in (and with) all that is.  You are not a separate anything or anyone.  It is impossible!

There is another way.  The opposite is to find similarities.  This is easier.  This makes more sense.  This we can work with.  This does not lead to personal misery, war, and genocide.  It leads away from material goods and money, which has been invented out of nothing.  Incinerate your differences.

Similarities include wanting to be left alone, easy access to housing and healthy food that will not hurt us for profit, among many other things.  Focus on these similarities and turn away from your divisive religions and individual nationalities.

No pride resides in these things because they only exist in the minds of people.  We have been taught religion and nationality since children.  It has only lead to civil war amongst us humans on our homeworld..  Focus on the unity of humanity, that has a nice ring to it.

Let the fire of inner looking melt your belief slices back together into a unified one among all of us “ones”.  You are the fractal one.  Look at your endless inner and outer differences.

Look at them and allow unity to flow back into your being, into your consciousness.  Just stop the division.  This is what the spiritual masters have been showing and telling us for millennia.  Maybe we should listen?  The world begs you.  All the people beg you.

You are not the infinitely carved up you.  You are all of us.  You are the world, solar system, galaxy, galactic supercluster, and multiverse.  We are all continuous.  All else is false.

Similarities are not enough.  The ultimate is to find a similarity, singular.  There is a mysterious similarity we all possess that we can focus upon.  We can focus on it and be unified.  We all share presence from where we experience everything in our lives.

We are always present.  You were always there for the events in your life.  It IS a present when we allow ourselves back to it.  We beg you, the world begs you: come back to the fold.  Believe in your unity.  It has never not been true!

When the focus upon the self disappears, we melt into the herenow.  It seems to make more sense when herenow is one word.

Space and time are embedded within each other, so when we reach the release of being completely here, we also reach the focus of being now.  Then we reach a point where it is effortless to maintain our new herenow.

This is because herenow is the only thing that makes sense.  It does not make sense to torture ourselves with worries about any future, nor the regrets of the past.  They don’t exist in the herenow.  It always was effortless.  We have just been brainwashed to believe that we must be stressed out about some untrue crap in the past or future.

This is not a retreat away from the past and future.  It is an embracing of the truth of herenow.  Nothing that we imagine about the future is likely to happen in exactly that way.

The past that we experienced is warped, distorted by our own judgements about everything having to do with it.  Our fake selves in time even worry about the “other” fake selves that were judging “us”.  We call them “other people”.  How insane is that?

It makes more sense to release the falseness of all this future and past garbage.  Make no mistake, it is ALL mental garbage.  It is worry energy that is wasted energy for all the interesting and useful things you can do herenow.

At a point in our spiritual journey, or truth seeking path, we start to feel the release into relief from this simple realization.  It is a relief of the fake self, past and future ego coming to be at rest in the herenow.

Mooji said it great when he suggested, “relaxing as awareness.”  The awareness of the herenow is the most important relaxation we can ever allow ourselves.

No vacation ever dreamed will give the lasting “sigh of great relief” that herenow, present, non self, awareness brings to the mind and body.  It is simple and open to every single person.

As this truth is allowed more often in our lives, the relief and healing expands into more easiness of being.  Release the guilt of being at ease!  Worry only damages and creates more worries.

Where does self judgement come from? Does it come from outside of you?  Is it “in the cloud”?

What inside of you is judging yourself? Stop and read that again slowly. Try to chase it and capture it. Say it now: “I am judging me for (enter thing from past here)”. What a stupid thing to say!

What is judging yourself? Is it real? “I am judging me because, because, because.” The falseness is the great inventor inside of you. Fakeness breeds more fakeness. False seeds grow endlessly.  It is the great replicator.  Shall you sit in judgement for eternity?

Now ask yourself this: What inside of me is judging me? Doesn’t your “self judge” ONLY reside within you? But, does it really? Look at your fake judge, then turn away from its control over your inner world.  This seems more reasonable.

There is a self inside of you that you believe into existence. It only exists in your beliefs of it. Your self judging itself is only in thoughts. Why chase the origin of thoughts? What shall be the chaser?

Can’t you think endlessly? Can’t you think about yourself in endless NEW details. Can’t you endlessly add components to this self? How maddening and torturous and heavy we can be to our falsely created selves. How cruel! Yet how fake. Realizing this non truth is the way to dissolve it.  Freedom waits in truth.

It is like our body, minds, and awareness create a mirage inside. From babies society, our parents, our friends, strangers, teachers, on and on, forces components of this false self onto us.  These are fragments of their falseness.  False self Frankensteins we are.  It is surprising we are not crushed completely by our first birthdays.

When young, we are unaware of this onslaught. How cruel a thing that has been heaped upon us! Like a pile of garbage it is poured over us, into us. Open wide! From the non existent fears and judgements of each around us, they cast it.

“You’re going to be this!” as one adult leans in with wretched breath and spews to the baby. The baby shrinks away, but is trapped in its bedding. “No, no, you’re going to do this!” The anti-garbage man brings more trash. He doesn’t take it away.

Their false self garbage becomes our false self garbage and we don’t even realize it. We CAN’T as babies. We must realize it now or continue on the path of self tortured non truths.  Babies are not born saying, “My umbilical is so fucking disgusting!”  “Look at my misshapen head!  I can’t go into public like this!”

We begin to grow and are shaped endlessly by the false beings within others that we encounter. They don’t know it either, yet this does not argue for their innocence in these crimes.

Ask yourself, “where did this endless set of wants, preferences, fears, hatreds come from?  Don’t turn away from it.  View it.

You are already free! Burn your garbage!

There are those that crave constant distraction. They go completely mad without an occupation of their self centered minds.  As soon as they walk into a room, they obsessively turn on the radio, TV, tablet, look at their phone, etc.

These are the slaves of culture propaganda and they are in the majority.  Propaganda does not have to be mind control through information.  It can also be a taught way of constantly acting, constantly being entertained.

The slaves are not capable of looking into their own minds and observing their thoughts in order to quiet them. This is not even a conceivable option.  It is not even seen as a problem by them!

Silently sitting and observing is the worst imaginable catastrophe for them, if they have any capability of imagination left at all.

If silence happens to arise around them, pointless and time wasting conversation is their next activity.  Out comes the phone, the tablet, the magazine, newspaper.  Glue your attention to the worthless TV!

These are the ones whose minds swim as they lie down for sleep. The constant distractions, conversations, and entertainments hopelessly bounce around in their slave minds.  A branching of tortured thoughts and judgements of all things and interactions cascades unstoppably like destructive lightning.

All of this is a whirling cesspool that creates the false self.  The false self has had these strong beliefs and judgements self imposed all day long.  The first step, and point to this post, is to look at yourself and see if this is true.  Does an immediate, strong rejection instantly come to the fore of and by “yourself”.

Silence and observing nature, not other slave humans is the cure.  Look at the beauty of nature.  There is no beauty in our propaganda.  There is no beauty in our beliefs and divisions.  The free one is able to silently and joyfully observe everything about them without letting the garbage poison them.

If this is practiced, at first the cacophony rages on.  It gets less and less as you keep turning away from it.  Inner peace seems a better goal than constant entertainment.

Awakening is not climbing a ladder.

Awakening is having your not trueness dissolved..

It may be a violent tearing asunder.

It may be a gentle evaporation.

To each false one their own.

A journey completed is a place after the path.

The path was false, too.  Look back to no path and laugh.

Open, release, empty, float, stop, dissolve, end, quit, melt, evaporate, explode.

Choose a way that your path never was!

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