Your Need to Always be Right is One of Your Greatest Tortures

What do you get out of being proven right? What do you get from being proven wrong? Each one inflates your false self and expands your suffering.

When you are right, it is only about a single thing for a brief moment. It feeds your smugness as you feel elevated above those that are wrong. You separate yourself from the “wrong” people.  You’re feeding an addiction. “I’m right! I knew I was right!  My knowledge is superior!” are the deranged mantras.

What is the next immediate thing you do?  You look for something else for you to be right and proper!  Around the next corner, there is something that you will be wrong about, though.  There are two paths for you to take here.

The first is very unlikely: you admit to yourself you are wrong and feel negative feelings towards this aspect of false self you believe you are.  The other option is much more likely in people: you stick to your belief that you  are right and drift off into fantasy land.  You keep your false beliefs because the false you cannot tolerate being wrong.

The very nature of your inner false self is that it is in denial!  This false ego engorges itself with everything not true.

Each and every issue is a complex matrix of facts, expert biases, opinions, skewed data, propaganda, marketing, and on and on.  Everything is complex enough that you will be a little right and a little wrong about EVERYTHING.

In stepping back from right and wrong, you can calmly look at issues in their complexity.  You are no longer tying your personal highs and lows to being correct or being wrong.  It is not easy, but more sense can be made of the gray area world.

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