A Meditation: Gaze at Yourself Through the Planet’s Perspective

I challenge you to look at yourself from the point of view of the planet.  Imagine the Earth is a giant, living, writhing, conscious being.  Expand your mind’s vision.  Gaze at yourself from the planetary point of view.  Do your worries start to melt away?  Do they seem a bit ridiculous?

We often allow ourselves to see ourselves as giant.  Our egos grow us to the size of stars.  Our worries and regrets fill the galaxy!  As you view yourself from the planet, isn’t there a relief of release?  Can you try to feel it?

This is not an experience of feeling tiny and insignificant.  It is one of release.  It is one of seeing our worries as tiny.  Our worries that are created by this giant, false self. ego

When gazing out from our inflated, fake egos, our worries fill our world.  But, the world is never aware of our worries.  Look at you from our watery rock hurtling through space.  Can it see or hear our worries and regrets?  Don’t these only reside in our ego mind?  No one else holds them.

Negative, judging thoughts ONLY exist in our minds.  That is the only place they seem real.  They only SEEM real.  You are not being a bad person by releasing all of it.  Let them dissolve and melt.

You free your worry energy to be a more helpful person, it seems.  If the Earth ever wished anything for us, it would wish us this.  The being freed from self is helpful to humans, all life, and the planet.

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