Does a Holographic Image have an Underlying Geometric Structure?

It might be useful to embed geometric structures for a holograph.  This is something I need to study more of, and only have a basic understanding.  Helpful comments would be nice at the bottom for a quick discussion.

Some theorize that light itself, the photon, has a fractal geometric structure.  It is called fractal because all scales are embedded within each other.  Some call the photon – Planck length the smaller perturbation in the fabric of space.

You can also embed the Platonic Solid shapes within each other and kind of rotate AND spin them.  These are spinning geometric structures of efficient energy, or light, embedded within each other.

Kepler actually was able to describe the motions of some of the planets, roughly, using embedded Platonic shapes.  Check out the article.  It’s a mind expanding read (here).

Many researchers also note that activity centers on the sun run along lines.  They note that the degree which these active centers occur are roughly at the latitudes of two embedded tetrahedrons.

The shape is much like a 3d Star of David (such as seen on the Israeli flag.)  Or two pyramids that only have four triangles as their faces.  One pyramid is “point up” and the other is “point down” described in two dimensions.

Maybe geometries of light and extreme energy exist because of a natural need for these gigantic energies to be efficiently contained and somewhat balanced locally in the star systems, galaxies, and beyond.

Like I said, I have to research this more.  Leave some comments below if you something about this!

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