A HereNow Focus Becomes Easier with Time and Release

The traps with which we imprison ourselves have two names: regret and dread.  Regretting something in the past (which doesn’t exist anymore) and dread about something in the future (which is not going to happen the way you think) are the two diseases of most of our minds.  A focus on this fleeting time thing doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Realization and release of this “out of time” trap can be a difficult process to relax into at first.  For me at least, at first it was very difficult to maintain focus on the present moment.  I’ve always been so obsessed with future events, neglecting the herenow.  It took me a couple of years before this became easier until now it is effortless to maintain a herenow focus.

Focus might be the wrong word as it implies a work of striving to maintain.  That’s not it.  This herenow focus is really an easy observation and gentle interaction with everyone and everything that is arising around us.

Every type of cultural brainwashing we are subjected to from birth demands that we worry about where we are not and when we are not.  In the future you must “make up” for your past, disregarding the now.  Is this not insanity?

It gets easier, trust me.  Allow yourself to not struggle in time.  It is one of the most humane and reasonable things you can release for yourself.  Only herenow exists.  The herenow always exists, so allow yourself to be as your are inside of it.  Don’t take it seriously.  Take it easy!

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