You Have Created the Heaviest Sinking Ship. Flee to the Surface!

(An empty self is a being that functions best, strangely enough.)

The strongly believe sense of self is full and heavy. It is a dense cargo of things that don’t truly apply to it. The plethora of aspects of your self weigh down and hinder.  Watch out!  Your ship is taking on water.

A strong personality full of heavy traits is drowning itself. Cut your ship into more pieces and sink further. Heap more needs and desires on yourself to sink faster.  It’s a ship, not a submarine, dammit!  A madman splits his time between loading more cargo and chopping apart his boat.

Useful actions are impossible under the mountain of water. Quickly, it is suggested to release the heavy cargo.  No, it is too late for the ship!  The heavy, false self must be scuttled.

Your dense ship carries a most precious cargo, though. It is an air filled basketball. Find it quickly and abandon!  The deeper it sinks, the stronger the ball demands the surface.

You are no Captain. No need to sink with this ship of self imposed burdens. Hug your empty basketball with all your might. It will be a dramatic ride to the surface.

The ball saves you because it is empty.  This is your hero.  Break through with a joyful gasp of breath.  Thank the basketball and let it be free as well.  You are both buoyant now.

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