We are Fungal Terraformers – Symbiote Creed [Sci-fi]

This is the first chapter of a small sci-fi book that I’m working on right now.  I might put it on Amazon or something.  It’s a story about merging with fungus, inspired by the writings and talks by Terence McKenna and Paul Stamets, mainly.

This chapter is a rough draft, work in progress, so I’ll keep changing it a bit.  I think I have the main form down for this chapter, so that’s why I’m posting it.  It might get way different, too.  Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know what you think!  -Thanks, Jared.

The Symbiote Terraformer Creed

I am a fungal symbiote, formerly a humanoid.  I am dedicated to spreading new life throughout the stars and galaxies in partnership with my personal fungal strain.  I will especially focus on new worlds and stellar bodies that are ideal for my individual strain.

My strain and I are one in concsiousness because it has saved my soul from complete dissolution.  I am forever entwined in my strain’s intergalactic and extragalactic mycelial web through electrogravitic, scalar, instantaneous consciousness communication of the cubensal web.

I will spread all life to the stars with us in terraforming planetoid or constructed ships.  I have promised to assist in spreading my strain into space in exchange for saving my soul/consciousness from oblivion.  I will do this as long as I am a free will symbiote, or my strain is eradicated from the void.

Complete innoculation of a warring or war like, space faring planet is always an option, as agreed upon by 90% of the higher councils and plasma groups.  This is done with fungal toxins being released by newly created strains on that planet to eradicate the problem species and bring the planet to peace.

The genocides of the past space wars cannot be allowed any longer, no matter the harshness to that planetary population.  We will do what we must to avoid more pan galactic holocausts.  It can be termed a “reset” or “fruiting of the planet”.  It’s of no importance what it is called.

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