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Nassim Haramein sometimes calls it the holofractal nature of reality.  You have to check out the book by the late Michael Talbot named The Holographic Universe, too.  It’s a great read.

Before I ramble about this stuff at the bottom, here is a list of…

Sites to Learn about Holographic Models

A holographic model has taken a hold of my interest lately in early 2017.  A hologram needs the right angles of light and observer for the image to be seen.

Holograms are also interesting because they are a two dimensional plate surface that projects an extra dimensional, seemingly three dimensional object.

But, it’s just a projection.  You can’t touch it where you think it is.  You are observing it in that three dimensional space.

Dimensions and fractals have interested me lately, too.  Fractals don’t seem to occupy a dimension.  You can zoom in or out of their enfolded shapes endlessly.

This goes hand in hand with holograms.  With a fractal image or computation, the mathematical process can be iterated endlessly, too.  Benoit Mandelbrot and his Mandelbrot Set brought this idea exploding onto the scientific scene.

Also within a fractal shape, you can start with a bounded and well defined object like an isosceles triangle.  Then, as you tile more triangles within it, you can do it forever.

You can keep making these triangles zooming in or out at different levels.  I think of each triangle as a bit of information connected with the ones above, below, and beside it.

Whatever shapes are touching whether up a level, down a level, or nest side by side or on a face touching, these triangles of information are in communication.

There is a connection bridge at all those faces, levels, vortex points, folds, and bends.  This might be at all levels of reality.  This is why there is such a dense amount of information permeating the vacuum.

That’s my fractal holographic ramble for now.  I’ll keep working on this.

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