Can we Exist Free from a Self?

“I” don’t see why not.  It seems that the answer is yes.  The masters have claimed to be free from themselves.  We only believe we are selves with little self imposed categories and behaviors that define us constantly.  Being free from the idea of a self may be the only true way to live!

These self definitions always seem to be existing in the past and/or the future.  Keeping focus upon now, the self takes a back seat to our here now environment.  When we allow our selves to fade away into past or future, we find ourselves back in a calm and unfolding present.  It takes practice and focus, a kind of extended de-brainwashing.

The present is vibrant.  Everything is so interesting everywhere you look, so I choose to appreciate all that I perceive in the herenow.  This state allows me to have more energy to be helpful to my surroundings.  I slip back into worry sometimes, but realize it is neither here nor now.  It is like moving through a new, unfolding world.  The harshness leaves this perceived reality.

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