A Dream: The Rock Hurler and Me Adventure

This was one of those wacky dreams that take place in many locations.  It’s one of those where it seems like I am teleporting around a similar looking environment coming upon radically different scenes.

Dec 16, 2014,

The environment is a dry, lightly forested / desert type of area.  I had the impression that it was around Santa Margarita Lake, near where I live in California.  I was hiking and jogging a bit on a trail.  I see a huge guy, not well defined, on the left of the path.  He bursts into my peripheral vision.

I stop short as he hurls a basketball sized rock at me with incredible speed.  It misses my head by inches.  I retreat as more are hurled.  I see a woman jogging towards me along the trail.  I warn her of the threat ahead.

She slows, then disappears, sort of fading away.  I find that I have super speed to get away from the rock thrower.  I turn down a hill into a sparse redwood and pine forest.  I see other people taking cover there.

I am sure that I have outrun the rock thrower, but some start raining down among the trees, just missing us by feet.  It had the feeling of mortars coming in.  There was no fear in this scene, just annoyance, as if in a video game.

All of a sudden, the rock thrower shows up close to us.  I try my hand at throwing rocks, but only one is a threat to him.  Of course, I then befriend the rock thrower in a quick truce.  We decide to go on a road trip down a desert road.  Our first thing we come upon is a car accident scene that is fenced off with a white plastic fence.

There is one overturned car and a little fire.  I jump out to see if there are any injuries I can take care of.  A pathetic weasel of a security guard wielding his sad authority does not allow me into the accident, though I explain that I can help and know how to help.  (I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman for eight years.)

I go around to the back of the square fencing.  There is a group of women and kids huddled in the corner.  I ask them if anyone is hurt.  They say “no” all together.  I come back around to the front and the weasel gate guard confronts me.  He is carrying one crutch which I take away from him and beat him over the head with it.

I only swing a couple of times and mildly wound him.  It was just a small punishment since everyone was OK!  I go into a building on the side of the road.  For no reason, me and the rock thrower decide to cause some destruction.

We break apart a few things and light a little bomb.  It felt like there was a timer counting down.  We run out to a van (kind of like a small FedEx delivery van) and drive like hell.

I woke up with a shake of my head, saying, “how dumb”.

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