A Dream: Mothership UFO Over San Diego Bay – Beer Toast!

This was a profound, incredibly realistic dream that I had back around the Spring of 2011 or so.  It seemed more real than this reality, to be honest.

Cartoon Spaceship
More realistic than this, though!

It was around the time that I fully dove into the UFO and alien conspiracy story.  That is probably not a “co-inki-dink”!  The UFO topic made me quite insane and paranoid for a few years, but I’m glad I’ve studied the information and worked through it.

I’ve found that as I write or talk about my dreams, more details come into my conscious mind.  It’s freaking’ trippy!  You should try it.

I am more focused on writing, gardening, hiking, working on websites, and creating stuff instead of consuming conspiracies now.  It is a much better place to be for my peace of mind and sanity.  Now for…

Toasting a Gigantic Friendly Spaceship with a Beer!

The moon cast the night into a strange multi-colored shimmering atmosphere.  I thought it strange that I was all alone, laying on a plastic lounge chair since this was along Mission Bay in San Diego.  Screw it, I’m in relax mode!

My chair was facing South as I sipped on a bottle of beer.  I was staring off East, to my left, into the shimmering black waters of the bay. “It’s a strange night.”  There grew a sudden impulse for me to look South, straight in front of me.

My lounge chair went from semi recline to supine by itself slowly.  It must be broken.  Against the shimmering blackness, a gigantic partial circle of uniform blackness began to fill my vision and blot out the stars along the southern horizon.  I was really confused by this massive, floating circle, my mind blank.  It was coming toward me from the South over the Pacific Ocean.

As it moved closer, I saw that it was also very tall, maybe a thousand feet.  It kept coming as I was paralyzed in amazement.  A feeling of peace, calm, and awe filled my being.  I felt that this mothership was itself conscious and an ally.

It kept slowly and silently moving, floating towards me.  The distances and sizes were impossible to gauge.  A massive soft glowing reddish, orange round “engine” (I assumed) came into view on the underside, then two more.  It was beautiful and incredible.  I gauged by the angles of the engines that there were probably eight total.  The rest of the engines were over the horizon, out of view.

The mothership now covered about a quarter of my vision of the sky.  I slowly sat upright, gave a peaceful smile, and raised a friendly toast with my beer to say “welcome”.  There was also the underlying sense that these might be my final seconds on Earth.

San Diego would be on the target list of an alien strike, being the largest military hub on the west coast.  There would be no stopping this thing if it wanted to wipe out everything…

I sat bolt upright in my bed, from deep sleep to completely awake in a fraction of a second.  I was breathing like I had just ran two miles.  “Holy Fucking Shit!” I yelled in the night.  It was three AM.  “No more sleep for me tonight” I thought as I got up to splash water on my face and make a snack.

I shared a short version of this on a spiritual website back in 2013 or something.  One woman replied that the South direction was one of protection.  I was living in San Diego at the time and loved to explore around Mission, Ocean, and Pacific Beaches.

Like I said, this was when I began studying the UFO subject.  It’s affected my dreams ever since.  I don’t really know more interpretations.  Maybe these things are out there interacting with our subconscious dream realms.  Any thoughts?  Leave a comment.

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