The Divided “You” Falsely Exists in a Believed Duality

When we assume we are a “person self” with an endless list of imposed labels, beliefs, and categories, there instantly comes a harsh judging of one’s self.  All of this is completely false and only exists in the self person’s mind.

When you believe in your false self, the false self comes into existence, but ONLY in your mind.  And ONLY because your awareness is allowed to believe it.  Do we stop to think about WHAT is allowing this?

“I am this religion.”  Instantly this portion of false self must adhere to a certain set of rules and judge all other false selves who are not “my” religion.  “I have this political leaning.”  Instantly this new, false, politicized self has a brand new set of worthless concerns to align itself with.  Instantly, it hates its non existent political opponents whom believe are opponents.

“I believe I am (whatever) type of person.”  “I’ve been told over and again I am (whatever) type of person.”  Instantly I must align and conform with how “everyone else” sees “me”.  It is all false and exists only in our minds.  How many ways can we find to torture our own lives?

Relax and lighten up, maybe.  The false self wants to be heavy, combative, and miserable.  It demands to be a wet blanket on top of your pure awareness.  The heaviness is not real, except in the false beliefs of your mind.

The combativeness arises only in the fakeness of “your” non unity.  Allow a light easiness of melting beliefs.  You are grasping to your self torture!  Ask, “do these things ONLY exist in “MY” mind?”  Gently look at it.  Watch for the combativeness to arise and keep watching it.  Does our darkness and shadow aspects reside here?  They can melt and heal at the same time.

Belief systems exist ONLY in human minds.  Countries exist ONLY in human minds.  Astronauts see no divisions around the planet.  Every category of every type of person in every language ONLY exists in the minds of people.  Why do we take divisions so seriously and similarities take a back seat?

Release this noise to help heal humanity through your own being.  It takes practice and courage.  At first, it is a harsh, possibly terrifying dive inside to dark realms we have not been aware of.  A lightness in unity arises when this is understood and accepted fully.  Give it a try, but it can take some time.  For “me” to realize and release this falseness has taken about six years.

This process is not an understanding of an idea.  It is a release of falseness after examining it with your awareness within your false self and its unending list of imposed labels and categories.

Please allow yourself to entertain the notion that this false you has been brought into being through sophisticated brainwashing and propaganda.  We had no defense against this as babies and kids.  That is the only reason it exists.  It is not truth.  Freedom, peace, and ease of being might be down this route of gentle self questioning.

If the gentleness becomes judged too harshly, look at your mind self more harshly, then.  It can become a dance of looking within.  Dreams of my shadow aspect exploded in number during this process.  Your dreams must be studied for meaning that only you can realize.

Do difficulties arise because groups of people believe they are a certain type of person, nationality or belief system?  Fuck yes.  These false things that only exist in groups of human minds lead to war, genocide, torture, rape, murder, hatreds, and the ability to allow every type of atrocity.

Harshness of being arises only FROM this mad false self.

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