Endless Distractions Grow the Fake Slave Self

There are those that crave constant distraction. They go completely mad without an occupation of their self centered minds.  As soon as they walk into a room, they obsessively turn on the radio, TV, tablet, look at their phone, etc.

These are the slaves of culture propaganda and they are in the majority.  Propaganda does not have to be mind control through information.  It can also be a taught way of constantly acting, constantly being entertained.

The slaves are not capable of looking into their own minds and observing their thoughts in order to quiet them. This is not even a conceivable option.  It is not even seen as a problem by them!

Silently sitting and observing is the worst imaginable catastrophe for them, if they have any capability of imagination left at all.

If silence happens to arise around them, pointless and time wasting conversation is their next activity.  Out comes the phone, the tablet, the magazine, newspaper.  Glue your attention to the worthless TV!

These are the ones whose minds swim as they lie down for sleep. The constant distractions, conversations, and entertainments hopelessly bounce around in their slave minds.  A branching of tortured thoughts and judgements of all things and interactions cascades unstoppably like destructive lightning.

All of this is a whirling cesspool that creates the false self.  The false self has had these strong beliefs and judgements self imposed all day long.  The first step, and point to this post, is to look at yourself and see if this is true.  Does an immediate, strong rejection instantly come to the fore of and by “yourself”.

Silence and observing nature, not other slave humans is the cure.  Look at the beauty of nature.  There is no beauty in our propaganda.  There is no beauty in our beliefs and divisions.  The free one is able to silently and joyfully observe everything about them without letting the garbage poison them.

If this is practiced, at first the cacophony rages on.  It gets less and less as you keep turning away from it.  Inner peace seems a better goal than constant entertainment.

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