What are the Dimensions of Anti-Matter?

If there is matter and anti-matter, does it mean there is space and anti-space?  Is there volume and anti-volume, as well?  What’s anti-length?!  Does inner-space exist within the outer space?  What about void and anti-void?  (That’s my favorite one.)  Not an anti-Tao!  “Say it ain’t so, oh, ohhhhh!” -Weezer

Is there also a corresponding negative: height, width, and length?  This fits in with the ideas of the double torus model of energy flow folding back on itself like a couple of squashed donuts, at least to me.  Are the fourth, fifth, and sixth anti-matter dimensions that of past, present, and future?  Is a constant present focus one of an unfolding fourth dimension?  Do thoughts fade away in the herenow for greater focus?

When we look at something far away, it looks small.  When we think of an event in the distant past, it is much distorted.  These seem similar.  An event that recently occurred is very clear to us.  When we are looking at something within reach of our hands, it’s very clear and present.  These are more similarities.

I am a layman, so please leave a comment to point me towards new sites or investigations about this stuff.  I love reading many different philosophies and sciences about these questions, so leave your ideas.  It was nice to blurt them out here!

Snide and rude comments will be thrown in with the spam to be shit out of my domain like always!  May your anti-matter selves be nice to your matter selves, if that’s a thing!

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