The Dark Chaos of the Soil, Woven Calm in the Light

A mushroom looks peaceful and ordered as it grows, then breaks apart and withers away.  Its real body, though, is in chaos.  In the soil, the mushroom body is a dense web, though one cell thick.

This mycelial web is competing with ten thousand other microorganisms within a cubic centimeter.  This web is incessantly growing, searching out moisture and nutrients.  Along its edges is a constant give and take of the growing web network with parts dying away.  It is the edge of the natural flow of life, death, and rebirth.

The fungalnet is all the while communicating the needs and excesses along its parts.  The mycelium transfers nutrients for those needs in those places.  There is a fungal web working in direct symbiosis with nearly every plant root on our biosphere.

A trading of minerals, water, and predator protection occurs between plants and fungi.  It is known as mycorrhizal symbiosis.  The fungal web beneath the ground is in a complete growing, morphing, ferrying, communicating, dying, consuming chaos world.

The mushroom in the light sits and grows peacefully.  Its joy is the air, sun, and constant ejecting of its offspring spores.  The chaos of the dark abyss where the spore took hold has been overcome!

The peaceful mushroom has been threaded out of lightless, chaotic anarchy.  What a relief!  What an example to all!  Fall into, embrace, and order your own “dark soil” seems like a message we can all appreciate.

There are few beings as peaceful as a mushroom in the shade on a breezy, Spring day.  This is only seeming laziness, though.  Millions of spores are grown out of the threads of dark soil chaos.  The chaos of the soil calmly woven mushroom body, eager to return to the chaos of near oblivion!

The joy of falling back into the soil melee!  The seemingly spiritual mushroom acts in its million spore production through a veil of non-action.  The Taoists would be pleased!

Forever onward, the phases of fungus go into chaos, find order, thread together a peaceful one. The peaceful ones demand that millions of its pieces return to the abyss.


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