Daily Rambling – December 1, 2017

I thought I would start posting my ramblings and random thoughts that have accumulated like ocean garbage, for the day.  This is the first one!  If you are reading it close to the date, consider yourself luckier than the stowaways that were found on the Titanic and left at Southampton!

Anyways, consider these rough drafts as shit that I will expand upon later.  Sometimes I make them into poems (that is a note for when I read this later.  I am drinking beer, so might forget small details.)  Every three equal signs means a new delusion!  They mean: “come back to center”.


Dec. 1, 2017

New Age Ramble: For every new utopia planet, a new hell world springs into being.  The incessantly, unforgiving dark ones get to check out this hell planet created especially for them, by them.  It’s so democratic!  They’ve deserved it, no one else to blame but themselves.  Stop shifting blame people!

In other words, as the new utopia planet blossoms, dark beings are squeezed from the planet.  Join or be decimated!  A new level of punishment world awaits “you”…  It has a “rougher” incarnation cycle based on what these things have done.  The dark ones created their own reincarnation hell.  I don’t like to dwell on it…


We healed what we could, the rest… fuck ‘em!!  George Carlin always said, “Fuck ‘Em!”  the best, in my opinion. (a section for Patcher story?)

Heal the critical mass to heal the planet.  Or, simply show that we all should take time out of the day to pick up trash and grow gardens in whatever way we can.


If you have any loved ones or friends that work in the operating room or a surgical setting, please try to be easy on them.  It is a horror-butcher-nightmare-freak show in surgery sometimes!  You need to remember that and honor that.

I spent a decade as a Surgical Tech.  It’s a rough thing to do day in and day out, so treat them better and give them foot massages, dammit!


Maybe I will make this a regular rambling category or section where I can leave my ideas and make a post or page later.  I might not read this for a couple weeks, but that’s alright, I’m glad I’m posting this now.. for later!

That is the big challenge, reading this shit later.  I need to focus and look at this new incoherent category on a regular time schedule.  I don’t see myself making that schedule, tho.  I guess this is the birth of my rambling category on this site.  Happy December everybody!


It was an amazing walk around Atascadero tonight.  They had the lighting, carols, Satan Clause, it was cool.  There were many shops along Entrada and Traffic Way that showed some awesome artwork ranging from pastels to multi-media and .

It was really a cool and eclectic art night.  I saw bands, singers, and canvas artists all over.  I’m glad I went.

Alright, tired of babbling.  Good night, be well.

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