How Many Ways Shall we Cut Ourselves and Others Apart?

How many ways can we divide ourselves and ourselves from those around us?  Infinitely, is the answer.  The two are directly related.  Why do you continue cutting?  The slicing equals suffering.  Your shards battle each other!

We can find endless differences to divide our own false senses of selves.  Another division, another false aspect we’ve heaped upon our truth of wholeness with all that is.  We can find infinite ways to believe that we are different from any other person.  We teach this stupidity to each other out of ignorance.

Ask yourself, “Has this been useful in the world?”  How many hundreds of millions have been killed because of our worthless, false divisions?  It doesn’t matter where the divisions have originated.  The important thing is that they are not true!

Ask yourself, “Has this been useful to me?”  Will you continue to slaughter your unified self with your never ending choppings you commit against yourself?  Slice off another piece of yourself that doesn’t exist and then believe it into existence.  Let it float around in your being, damaging everything it contacts.  Why do you continue this?  It is pointed out to you now.  YOU CAN JUST STOP.

Put the interio knife down.  Let your slices come back together.  The slices, shards, and pieces wish for this.  You are one being embedded in (and with) all that is.  You are not a separate anything or anyone.  It is impossible!

There is another way.  The opposite is to find similarities.  This is easier.  This makes more sense.  This we can work with.  This does not lead to personal misery, war, and genocide.  It leads away from material goods and money, which has been invented out of nothing.  Incinerate your differences.

Similarities include wanting to be left alone, easy access to housing and healthy food that will not hurt us for profit, among many other things.  Focus on these similarities and turn away from your divisive religions and individual nationalities.

No pride resides in these things because they only exist in the minds of people.  We have been taught religion and nationality since children.  It has only lead to civil war amongst us humans on our homeworld..  Focus on the unity of humanity, that has a nice ring to it.

Let the fire of inner looking melt your belief slices back together into a unified one among all of us “ones”.  You are the fractal one.  Look at your endless inner and outer differences.

Look at them and allow unity to flow back into your being, into your consciousness.  Just stop the division.  This is what the spiritual masters have been showing and telling us for millennia.  Maybe we should listen?  The world begs you.  All the people beg you.

You are not the infinitely carved up you.  You are all of us.  You are the world, solar system, galaxy, galactic supercluster, and multiverse.  We are all continuous.  All else is false.

Similarities are not enough.  The ultimate is to find a similarity, singular.  There is a mysterious similarity we all possess that we can focus upon.  We can focus on it and be unified.  We all share presence from where we experience everything in our lives.

We are always present.  You were always there for the events in your life.  It IS a present when we allow ourselves back to it.  We beg you, the world begs you: come back to the fold.  Believe in your unity.  It has never not been true!

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