The Current of the Awakening River

I awoke and fell into the river.  I don’t know if I jumped.  My home bank faded away.  It wasn’t ever there.

The sweeping current is my new reality.  I still breathe easily, so I relax a bit.

Focusing on river chaos was my habitat for a while, always relaxed, why not?  Go with the flow and don’t drown, I guess.

The familiar while ended and I slid into a new bank, grateful.

It was an alien bank and welcome, completely unknown.  The left behind is away, absurd to ponder.  I love this unknown bank.  Though we are both filthy, we turn our back on the chaotic froth.

No time for the gone.  I barely survived and strode ashore.  The gone is gone.

No confidence, only happy for a new shore to explore.  Broken spirit?  Fractured mind?  Dead ego?  These questions arise and fade away with better goals replacing them.

Exhausted, I tend towards kindness, perhaps pleading for mercy of a newly arrived traveler?  I am found, perhaps?!  My new friends surrounding me are me.

A new shore, anciently familiar.  I can sleep peacefully again.  The awakening  cycles through difficulty and ease.

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