Is a Collective Humbling Necessary for Humans to Blast Off?

Sun Peeking Over EarthThe 20 minute drive out to the beach today was very inspiring.  We have been in a severe drought for five years.  With the latest months of rain, the green lushness has thankfully taken our area over again.

Driving along the windy road made me feel small and started my mind thinking about human arrogance.  We have a presupposition that we rule over nature.  Natural disasters, and death in general show us that nature rules us.

As I felt myself small driving along the densely green highway, I felt humanity as small too.  The planet is so vast and violent that it asks us to become humble again.  As humanity grew small in my mind, I thought of ant colonies or insect colonies at large.

The species that destroys their environment destroys their future survival.  A species needs the right environment to live.  Pollution is suicidal, yet our systems demand pollution, bartering for growth and money that has been invented.

I have written many times that historically, yet only recently, humanity has been a collective parasite on the planet.  A growth, industrial, technology explosion demanded that we begin to consume our planet.

We are waking up to this destruction and more people are focusing on the planet.  I seem to have shifted my own focus in this way.  It seems to be a shift away from human created problems, which is nearly everything created in every society!

The focus shift is towards not only caring for the environment, but actively restoring it.  If you are in misery about human problems, this could be a focus shift to help you.  It has helped me tremendously.

In the past couple of years I have shifted my time towards gardening and volunteering on environmental projects.  The created human society problems fade away when these things become more of a focus in life.  Also, writing my own thoughts on this site can hopefully help someone somehow.

It seems to be a process of humbling that is begun when we choose a helpful stance for the environment.

To me, the time spent arguing over global warming is a waste that should be redirected.  Regardless of anything, it makes sense to demand and work towards a pristine environment above all else.  When we do this, humanity naturally grows healthier food, is more active within each community, and does work throughout the day that is meaningful.

The past has been on the pursuit of fake money and material goods that you will not take with you when you die.  How much worthless shit must we all continue to strive for?  A better question to me now is, “How can I improve myself or surrounding environment if even just in a tiny way right now?”

A collective humbling seems to be picking up steam.  It may be necessary as we grow into a global space civilization.  These two may walk hand in hand.  Material gain and money seem to be symptoms of a dying, planet based society.

The birthing society is a shiny and new human space society.  Pushing into space, we will have to be peaceful, united, and focused on research and working together to spread a peaceful humanity.

Terraforming asteroids and planets will probably be a focus for many people.  Looking to our environment in the now could be the precursor to working as a terraformer in the future, why not?

Warlike and competitive humanity is dying and perhaps it must die before we are able to collectively blast off.  Maybe we could compete to see who can improve the environment the most!


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