Staying “Up” – From Between 2D and 3D, Our Species Swirls Towards 4D?

2D and 3D Pretend Time!

I’m going to pretend there is a two dimensional fluid surface with a swirl started in it.  The swirl immediately spawns smaller swirling, vortex “off shoots” along its edges.  Those swirls create more and they are all interacting with the first one as its ancestor.  Does the ancestor rise to the next dimension?

3 to 4 Dimensional Vortex Points
Can a plane of swirls arise into a new dimension?

Once three interconnected two dimensional swirls in the fluid become powerful enough, perhaps there arises a natural tendency to connect the midpoints of the swirls into a balance.  Do you have a comment about this you can add to at the bottom?

This escaping of two dimensions might also arise when powerful vortex points align in a geometric shape that demands a z-axis for balance.

This balance might be found in jumping out of its two dimensional prison.  The three swirling points would yearn for a three dimensional tetrahedron.  The tetrahedron would have a fourth “hyperdimensional point”.  It would be four vortex swirls (torus shapes) arranged loosely along a three dimensional object.

The three swirls would be lifted into a higher dimensionality compared to their prior, flatter existence.  This lifting into a higher dimension is exactly what seems to be happening to the human race right now.

I’m not talking about a New Age fifth dimensional, vibrational shift.  I’m talking about something very concrete and physical.  This post is an idea that we can actually wrap our heads around.

It’s one of those obvious language tricks that we are seeming to be developing towards the collective Space Age.

This epoch of shift is one of a collective dimensional rising.  It is softer than it is usually sold.  It doesn’t have to be so abstract, violent, and magical sounding.

We are merely going from our long held experiences of being between two and three dimensions and shifting to being between three and four dimensions in my view.  Let me explain!  Let me explain!

Our species still basically lives in two dimensions in our shared experience.  We can go forward, back and left, right of course.  Yes, we can go up and down, but we can’t STAY in the up and down.

At least not the majority of us.  This is left to the elite realm of space programs.  So, I would consider our daily experience as not a fully authentic three dimensional experience.

This idea is furthered in the topics of fractal geometry and the holographic model of the Universe.  Check out Michael Talbot’s book The Holographic Universe.  It’s a mind blowing read.

Now there is a huge push to release secret technologies.  Thousands of patents have been suppressed across the world.  These secrets involve gravity nullifying technology.  It is called electro-gravitic or anti-gravity technology.

What does this have to do with our collective dimensional experience?  When we overcome gravity is when I feel we are totally passed the ceiling of the third dimension.

With the ability to “go up and stay up” we will be living fractally between the the third and fourth dimensions.

Our collective swirls are energetic enough in their connectivity to force us to the next level, individual control over the up and down.  This shift might also be part of the collective chaos and nervousness we are feeling.

The up and down is the unknown, but we are a species of explorers and always have been.  Look at the infinite up and dream more!  That’s my dimensions rant for now.

Let me see your comments so I can learn and make better rants!

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