Allow an Internal Ceasefire within Yourself

When you are torturing yourself in obsessive thoughts about the past and future, you are at war with yourself.  Everything in the past is gone and the future is a question mark.  How can this not be true?

When we allow these fractured, false selves to arise within us, the result is constant, internal war. The war between the “good” us and the “bad” us rages when we reject our darkness is another way of looking at this.

This is absurd because you have always been a unified whole.  It is simply your false beliefs that create these two (and many more) warring factions that you ARE NOT.

This is exactly how war propaganda works, too.  An enemy is falsely created that must be attacked, though there really is no threat to fear.

You are not good.  You are not bad.  Your internal fighting is based on lies and deception, just like all wars in history.  It has arisen from systematic brainwashing, propaganda, and abuse throughout our lives.  Most of us don’t even realize it has happened.  This is one of the first steps to healing though.

Your internal war weakens you and only serves those that wish to control you, again, exactly like the wars of our blood soaked past.  These controllers always divide and conquer.  It starts with the directed division within each person THAT IS TAUGHT.  It arises from allowing yourself to divide up others too.

In reality, we are ALL of these aspects within our personalities, to be rejected at our own perile. How could this not be so?  In this internal war, our light self judges our dark self. Our dark self rages against our light self.  These two cannot exist without the other.

In every moment, the asleep person is creating right and wrong, correct and unacceptable parts of a fractured self.  Gazing out from this state creates a fractured and divided world and Universe.  Only divisions of people are seen from this chaos within.  I challenge you to find the glaring similarities.

Can you transcend your internal war by diving into a kind of calmly blended inner realm where light and dark have no meaning?  Gazing out from here is the way to a peaceful world with united people.

Light and dark, good and bad are merely English words, sounds we make.  Your internal ceasefire is a complete acceptance of your true internal wholeness.  Blessed are the peace makers, within and without.

Blended ;Sunset Sky

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