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Sun Peeking Over EarthThe 20 minute drive out to the beach today was very inspiring.  We have been in a severe drought for five years.  With the latest months of rain, the green lushness has thankfully taken our area over again.

Driving along the windy road made me feel small and started my mind thinking about human arrogance.  We have a presupposition that we rule over nature.  Natural disasters, and death in general show us that nature rules us.

As I felt myself small driving along the densely green highway, I felt humanity as small too.  The planet is so vast and violent that it asks us to become humble again.  As humanity grew small in my mind, I thought of ant colonies or insect colonies at large.

The species that destroys their environment destroys their future survival.  A species needs the right environment to live.  Pollution is suicidal, yet our systems demand pollution, bartering for growth and money that has been invented.

I have written many times that historically, yet only recently, humanity has been a collective parasite on the planet.  A growth, industrial, technology explosion demanded that we begin to consume our planet.

We are waking up to this destruction and more people are focusing on the planet.  I seem to have shifted my own focus in this way.  It seems to be a shift away from human created problems, which is nearly everything created in every society!

The focus shift is towards not only caring for the environment, but actively restoring it.  If you are in misery about human problems, this could be a focus shift to help you.  It has helped me tremendously.

In the past couple of years I have shifted my time towards gardening and volunteering on environmental projects.  The created human society problems fade away when these things become more of a focus in life.  Also, writing my own thoughts on this site can hopefully help someone somehow.

It seems to be a process of humbling that is begun when we choose a helpful stance for the environment.

To me, the time spent arguing over global warming is a waste that should be redirected.  Regardless of anything, it makes sense to demand and work towards a pristine environment above all else.  When we do this, humanity naturally grows healthier food, is more active within each community, and does work throughout the day that is meaningful.

The past has been on the pursuit of fake money and material goods that you will not take with you when you die.  How much worthless shit must we all continue to strive for?  A better question to me now is, “How can I improve myself or surrounding environment if even just in a tiny way right now?”

A collective humbling seems to be picking up steam.  It may be necessary as we grow into a global space civilization.  These two may walk hand in hand.  Material gain and money seem to be symptoms of a dying, planet based society.

The birthing society is a shiny and new human space society.  Pushing into space, we will have to be peaceful, united, and focused on research and working together to spread a peaceful humanity.

Terraforming asteroids and planets will probably be a focus for many people.  Looking to our environment in the now could be the precursor to working as a terraformer in the future, why not?

Warlike and competitive humanity is dying and perhaps it must die before we are able to collectively blast off.  Maybe we could compete to see who can improve the environment the most!


I awoke and fell into the river.  I don’t know if I jumped.  My home bank faded away.  It wasn’t ever there.

The sweeping current is my new reality.  I still breathe easily, so I relax a bit.

Focusing on river chaos was my habitat for a while, always relaxed, why not?  Go with the flow and don’t drown, I guess.

The familiar while ended and I slid into a new bank, grateful.

It was an alien bank and welcome, completely unknown.  The left behind is away, absurd to ponder.  I love this unknown bank.  Though we are both filthy, we turn our back on the chaotic froth.

No time for the gone.  I barely survived and strode ashore.  The gone is gone.

No confidence, only happy for a new shore to explore.  Broken spirit?  Fractured mind?  Dead ego?  These questions arise and fade away with better goals replacing them.

Exhausted, I tend towards kindness, perhaps pleading for mercy of a newly arrived traveler?  I am found, perhaps?!  My new friends surrounding me are me.

A new shore, anciently familiar.  I can sleep peacefully again.  The awakening  cycles through difficulty and ease.

2D and 3D Pretend Time!

I’m going to pretend there is a two dimensional fluid surface with a swirl started in it.  The swirl immediately spawns smaller swirling, vortex “off shoots” along its edges.  Those swirls create more and they are all interacting with the first one as its ancestor.  Does the ancestor rise to the next dimension?

3 to 4 Dimensional Vortex Points

Can a plane of swirls arise into a new dimension?

Once three interconnected two dimensional swirls in the fluid become powerful enough, perhaps there arises a natural tendency to connect the midpoints of the swirls into a balance.  Do you have a comment about this you can add to at the bottom?

This escaping of two dimensions might also arise when powerful vortex points align in a geometric shape that demands a z-axis for balance.

This balance might be found in jumping out of its two dimensional prison.  The three swirling points would yearn for a three dimensional tetrahedron.  The tetrahedron would have a fourth “hyperdimensional point”.  It would be four vortex swirls (torus shapes) arranged loosely along a three dimensional object.

The three swirls would be lifted into a higher dimensionality compared to their prior, flatter existence.  This lifting into a higher dimension is exactly what seems to be happening to the human race right now.

I’m not talking about a New Age fifth dimensional, vibrational shift.  I’m talking about something very concrete and physical.  This post is an idea that we can actually wrap our heads around.

It’s one of those obvious language tricks that we are seeming to be developing towards the collective Space Age.

This epoch of shift is one of a collective dimensional rising.  It is softer than it is usually sold.  It doesn’t have to be so abstract, violent, and magical sounding.

We are merely going from our long held experiences of being between two and three dimensions and shifting to being between three and four dimensions in my view.  Let me explain!  Let me explain!

Our species still basically lives in two dimensions in our shared experience.  We can go forward, back and left, right of course.  Yes, we can go up and down, but we can’t STAY in the up and down.

At least not the majority of us.  This is left to the elite realm of space programs.  So, I would consider our daily experience as not a fully authentic three dimensional experience.

This idea is furthered in the topics of fractal geometry and the holographic model of the Universe.  Check out Michael Talbot’s book The Holographic Universe.  It’s a mind blowing read.

Now there is a huge push to release secret technologies.  Thousands of patents have been suppressed across the world.  These secrets involve gravity nullifying technology.  It is called electro-gravitic or anti-gravity technology.

What does this have to do with our collective dimensional experience?  When we overcome gravity is when I feel we are totally passed the ceiling of the third dimension.

With the ability to “go up and stay up” we will be living fractally between the the third and fourth dimensions.

Our collective swirls are energetic enough in their connectivity to force us to the next level, individual control over the up and down.  This shift might also be part of the collective chaos and nervousness we are feeling.

The up and down is the unknown, but we are a species of explorers and always have been.  Look at the infinite up and dream more!  That’s my dimensions rant for now.

Let me see your comments so I can learn and make better rants!

A mushroom looks peaceful and ordered as it grows, then breaks apart and withers away.  Its real body, though, is in chaos.  In the soil, the mushroom body is a dense web, though one cell thick.

This mycelial web is competing with ten thousand other microorganisms within a cubic centimeter.  This web is incessantly growing, searching out moisture and nutrients.  Along its edges is a constant give and take of the growing web network with parts dying away.  It is the edge of the natural flow of life, death, and rebirth.

The fungalnet is all the while communicating the needs and excesses along its parts.  The mycelium transfers nutrients for those needs in those places.  There is a fungal web working in direct symbiosis with nearly every plant root on our biosphere.

A trading of minerals, water, and predator protection occurs between plants and fungi.  It is known as mycorrhizal symbiosis.  The fungal web beneath the ground is in a complete growing, morphing, ferrying, communicating, dying, consuming chaos world.

The mushroom in the light sits and grows peacefully.  Its joy is the air, sun, and constant ejecting of its offspring spores.  The chaos of the dark abyss where the spore took hold has been overcome!

The peaceful mushroom has been threaded out of lightless, chaotic anarchy.  What a relief!  What an example to all!  Fall into, embrace, and order your own “dark soil” seems like a message we can all appreciate.

There are few beings as peaceful as a mushroom in the shade on a breezy, Spring day.  This is only seeming laziness, though.  Millions of spores are grown out of the threads of dark soil chaos.  The chaos of the soil calmly woven mushroom body, eager to return to the chaos of near oblivion!

The joy of falling back into the soil melee!  The seemingly spiritual mushroom acts in its million spore production through a veil of non-action.  The Taoists would be pleased!

Forever onward, the phases of fungus go into chaos, find order, thread together a peaceful one. The peaceful ones demand that millions of its pieces return to the abyss.


Nassim Haramein sometimes calls it the holofractal nature of reality.  You have to check out the book by the late Michael Talbot named The Holographic Universe, too.  It’s a great read.

Before I ramble about this stuff at the bottom, here is a list of…

Sites to Learn about Holographic Models

A holographic model has taken a hold of my interest lately in early 2017.  A hologram needs the right angles of light and observer for the image to be seen.

Holograms are also interesting because they are a two dimensional plate surface that projects an extra dimensional, seemingly three dimensional object.

But, it’s just a projection.  You can’t touch it where you think it is.  You are observing it in that three dimensional space.

Dimensions and fractals have interested me lately, too.  Fractals don’t seem to occupy a dimension.  You can zoom in or out of their enfolded shapes endlessly.

This goes hand in hand with holograms.  With a fractal image or computation, the mathematical process can be iterated endlessly, too.  Benoit Mandelbrot and his Mandelbrot Set brought this idea exploding onto the scientific scene.

Also within a fractal shape, you can start with a bounded and well defined object like an isosceles triangle.  Then, as you tile more triangles within it, you can do it forever.

You can keep making these triangles zooming in or out at different levels.  I think of each triangle as a bit of information connected with the ones above, below, and beside it.

Whatever shapes are touching whether up a level, down a level, or nest side by side or on a face touching, these triangles of information are in communication.

There is a connection bridge at all those faces, levels, vortex points, folds, and bends.  This might be at all levels of reality.  This is why there is such a dense amount of information permeating the vacuum.

That’s my fractal holographic ramble for now.  I’ll keep working on this.

It might be useful to embed geometric structures for a holograph.  This is something I need to study more of, and only have a basic understanding.  Helpful comments would be nice at the bottom for a quick discussion.

Some theorize that light itself, the photon, has a fractal geometric structure.  It is called fractal because all scales are embedded within each other.  Some call the photon – Planck length the smaller perturbation in the fabric of space.

You can also embed the Platonic Solid shapes within each other and kind of rotate AND spin them.  These are spinning geometric structures of efficient energy, or light, embedded within each other.

Kepler actually was able to describe the motions of some of the planets, roughly, using embedded Platonic shapes.  Check out the article.  It’s a mind expanding read (here).

Many researchers also note that activity centers on the sun run along lines.  They note that the degree which these active centers occur are roughly at the latitudes of two embedded tetrahedrons.

The shape is much like a 3d Star of David (such as seen on the Israeli flag.)  Or two pyramids that only have four triangles as their faces.  One pyramid is “point up” and the other is “point down” described in two dimensions.

Maybe geometries of light and extreme energy exist because of a natural need for these gigantic energies to be efficiently contained and somewhat balanced locally in the star systems, galaxies, and beyond.

Like I said, I have to research this more.  Leave some comments below if you something about this!

The old structures of civilization are rapidly winding down (collapsing).  Most of the old belief structures of division are collapsing.  Into space, we must have unity.  We must shed the slaughter to float above it.

With every collapse comes something new in its place.  In our case it seems that a space civilization is being born.  The collapse of the Earth is not happening.  It is the collapse of the divisive beliefs that were the fabric of the horrors of the history of our species.

All the old “human beings bound to Earth” systems of belief are dismantling themselves as fast as they can.  It is an unraveling that unveils something totally new to us.

Collectively, we are very nervous about this.  The nervousness we all feel deep inside us is because we know our species is jumping out into the abyss.  The abyss of deep space, or even the nervousness of living in orbit, is an unsettling topic that most everyday people don’t discuss.

The abyss is also death to us.  It is death of our beliefs.  It is leaving the planet, which is death.  It is the death of what we define our species to be.  Death is rebirthed into a different order, at least that is my belief.  We probably can’t know it, yet at least.

The Earth will probably have most of us off this planet to be healed.  We have done much damage in our collective blasting off.  Think of the damage that a space shuttle’s engines do to the atmosphere and Earth.  It is a good visual for our collective processes, maybe.

I see a splitting in the human race.  But, it is a splitting into two positive groups.  There will be those that choose to explore, mine, colonize other planets and generally push our species into the cosmos peacefully.

Perhaps there is a quarantine of us until we come together and reach out as One planet.  Perhaps other civilizations are waiting and watching peacefully.  I think we shall see soon.

The other group will wish to stay behind.  Our planet is to be transformed into an ecological preserve.  It IS Homeworld. as Terence McKenna suggested in a vision of a different kind of Earth planet.

Collapse of old structures is the shedding of the skin or the leaving of the cocoon as many writers and thinkers believe.  The old is division and competition.  Accept the “loss” and be unified with all that is.

A space civilization chooses partnership and symbiosis to carry us onward and upward.  We heal the group when we heal ourselves, especially our minds.

On and off, light and dark, ones and zeroes in duality.  Does nothing lie in the between?  Is All That Is in the between?  What can lie beyond this?

The unity seems hidden, an infinite fractal smear between each and everything perceived.  Is it gray?  Is it white?  Is it all colors?  Is the between color at all?

White light dances and spins into the myriad colors.  The white smear spins off the infinite colors. Infinite tornadoes at infinite scales.  Like the Tao is cannot be used up!

We can zoom in and zoom out at all levels.  Is there an ultimate structure?  Does pure light scatter or does it swirl off in hyperdimensional tornadoes?

Can anyone ever know this?  Does language break into fractal shapes?

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